About Us

In 2008  Afam Zarrin Naghsh Company began his career in the printing and packaging industry. After careful research and planning, the company managed to set up a manufacturing unit in the field of printing and packaging products for various industries, and are proud to be a familiar name in the printing industry during the first decade of activity have been.

With our breadth of experience we are able to bring our  customers a huge range of high quality and affordable products. This, along with our consistently great design and dedication to customer service, keeps our clients returning again and again. Our unique one-stop approach ensures our clients get the convenience and added value of complete support under one roof from a close team of dedicated specialists.

Focusing on Detail

"Dedication and Commitment" is the DNA of our company. This very singular trait that dictates every aspect of the company is responsible for the meteoric rise of the company, while overcoming tremendous challenges over the past decade to become synonymous with quality and reliability. Today Afam Zarrin Naghsh print and packaging company is recognized as a customer- oriented solution provider in a highly competitive industry. 

Our Mission

•We believe to understand the intrinsic needs of packaging that a customer needs.

•We work with customers closely, providing continuous streams of innovative ideas at an optimum solution which endures.

•We believe in Ethics, values and work with sincerity and in.

•We consider our suppliers as partners using their expertise to offer the latest of solutions through using entire packaging ingredients in the supply chain.

•We treat the earth with respect and align ourselves to be environmentally friendly in what ever we do and “GO-GREEN” is our Motto.

Our Vision

Keeping our Vision, Mission, Quality Policy and Food Safety Policy in mind, we design our packaging to suit the product requirements, presentation, and food safety requirements according to the customer needs both locally and internationally. The flexible packaging materials for food are manufactured according to the HACCP standards. All this is done in the most cost effective manner but, never compromising on quality as we are always committed to supplying flexible packaging beyond, our customer expectations.